Numerous people believe that diabetes is an incurable disease. Diabetes is a disease that can be controlled and monitored through education. Education is a valuable tool used to help individuals have a better understand of the disease. We can teach you how to avoid complications, control blood sugar levels with our low glycemic food plan, and problem solve. Many patients have been able to discontinue diabetes medications just after 12 weeks.

What You Can Expect:

• The initial visit:
     • Paper work
     • Waist measurement and vital signs
     • BMI on a BIA scale including body composition assessment report

• Every other visit:
     • Nurse will check vitals signs
     • Visits with Wellness Coordinator and Physician

• Meetings with Wellness Coordinator:
     • Individualized low glycemic menu plan
     • Discussion of varying topics

• Meetings with Physicians:
     • Monitor progress

• Tools for Success:
     • Medical foods and Supplements:
     • Strategic snack or meal replacement
     • High in protein and low in calories
     • These are all optional

If you're interested in more information regarding Diabetic Eduction, it can be found at this link.