One of the most overlooked aspects of sports training is the nutrition athletes need to perform at their best. We offer a comprehensive nutrition analysis for athletes to help them build lean muscle, cut those last couple pounds, and overcome plateaus we all struggle with in reaching our goals. We can help everyone from marathon runners to high school soccer players by assessing the foods they eat, and figuring out the best way to maximize performance. We will take into account your exercise regimen and current diet and help you reach your goals as an athlete.

What You Can Expect:

Our Sports Nutrition program is designed into a comprehensive 12-week consecutive program.

• The initial visit:
    • Paper work
    • History & Physical with Physician
    • EKG
    • Vital signs
    • Laboratory requisition form
    • BMI on a BIA scale including body composition assessment report

• Every other visit:
    • Nurse will check vitals signs
    • Visits with Wellness Coordinator and Emotional Advocate and Physician
• Meetings with Wellness Coordinator:
    • Individualized menu plan based on mode & intensity of exercise
    • Discussion of varying topics

• Meetings with Emotional Advocate:
    • Support and Guidance
    • Discussion of varying topics

• Meetings with Physicians:
    • Review laboratory findings
    • Monitor progress

• Tools for Success:
    • Medical foods and Supplements:
        • Strategic snack or meal replacement
        • High in protein and low in calories.
        • These are all optional.
    • Injections:
        • Vitamin B Complex with lipotropic factors
        • Increase energy and help make you feel better.
        • Help eliminate fat more effectively and efficiently.
        • These are optional.

If you would like more information on Sports Nutrition, it can be found at this link.